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Album, guide and great fun for dog lovers. 230 dog breeds illustrated with over 2000 stunning photographs of the champions. Information about each breed, selection by traits, appearance and breed groups. Quizzes and games checking your knowledge of the canine world on many levels.
dog at hand
Dog at Hand is dedicated for dogs’ owners. It will help you control dogs’ health (through a special dedicated reminders), hygiene and expenses and to collect all important information and contacts regarding your dogs.
cat at hand
Cat at Hand is dedicated for cats’ lovers. It will amaze you by the highest quality graphics, allowing you to collect all important information regarding your little ones (including food prices, veterinary contacts, and expenses).
pet at hand
Pet At Hand will help you to take care of your pets no matter of their species or breed. It will gather important information, help control expenses and remind about important events (e.g. birthdays or vaccination).