Aika200x200 Freya is a little, bashful Alaskan Malamute female. She came to our Temporary Home from a shelter. It quickly became clear, that her state of health requires special attention.
She was severely overweight, she had hormonal problems, inflammation of the skin and eyes. Together with group of the best veterinarians, we deal with all these issues. She (together with our dog) has started slimming diet, the effects of which can already be seen. Freya is also lucky to train with a keen marathon runner who twice a week ensures the right amount of exercise for our Temporary Dog.
Freya is the perfect dog: mild, shy and gentle, she always gives priority to others: people and dogs. She does not: beg, chase cats, steal, neither demolish the garden. At home She is quiet and very peaceful. She loves not too exhausting walks, stroking and... grooming.

Her only dream came true. She found her HOME.