SMS at Hand 3 for Pocket PC
SAH logo SMS at Hand is the Windows Mobile text messaging application that arranges your short messages and calls into one to one, easy to follow, conversation. The messenger presents all ever used Contacts as a list of personal chats with the most intensively used contacts at the top of the list. The conversation screen provides all details of each item and shows the whole SMS text body without the necessity of unrolling it. There is a place to input an SMS, no matter how long it is going to be. SMS at Hand ensures that all operations made on the message items are reflected in the system message store and all operations made in other messengers are immediately reflected in the application.Then you are able to archive you conversation to HTML or text file. All smoothly scrolled by fingers.
Text messaging based on threaded SMS
Talks and messages are sorted chronologically for every Contact
Easy control by fingers
Smooth scrolling by finger flickering, on-screen big icons of most importent functions, etc.
Communication history summary
All SMS and voice communication history is instantly analyzed and presented to you to give you quick view.
Archiving to HTML or text file
emosh70Emoticons and user defined texts
Known chat symbols are represented as emoticons. User has possibility to define frequently used texts, signatures and emoticons. They will be easy accessed from menu.
Active links
The User may save to Contacts, navigate to web page, send an e-mail, call to number or send SMS depending of the link type.
You can search your message database for required pattern.
Sorting and filtering
You can sort Contact from most intensively used, in alphabetical order, by date of the last message. You can filter them by selected letter or matched letters. You can filter your messages in many ways: only incoming, only sent, all messages, including call. Now all quickly by flickering an icons.
Auto sized editor
The new SMS editor gives you the possibility of controlling the typing of long messages by adjusting its size to text length and watching the conversation history at once.
The use of system message store
All operations made on the message items are reflected in the system message store and all operations made in other messengers are immediately reflected in SMS at Hand. You do not have to select the system to use any longer. Use one or both if you wish.
Quick switching between conversation
Advanced Options
Backgrounds, items and highlights adapt to the System Color Scheme and make your SMS at Hand interface fully compliant with the template you have selected. You can adjust the font size to your preferences. The application handles portrait and landscape orientation and automatically rescales for any resolution. On HTC phones with G-sensor program automatically handles autorotation.
Navigation to desired day
The calendar at hand enables you to find quickly messages from a specific date. It shows you months of conversation with clearly marked days on which you chatted with a given person. You can scroll through months and pick the appropriate day. After that, the conversation history repositions to that day.
The Today Screen notification
Cut, Copy and Paste options
Contact Screen shots - WM 6.5 color styles applied. Here the most frequently used contact at the top. You can find the desired one by name matching or first character selection. Sort whole list by name, by number of text msg. or by time of last msg. More screen shots...
Conversation Screen shots - WM 6.5 styles applied. Autohide icons gives quick access to the important functions. More screen shots...

Requirements: Windows Mobile™ 6.x Professional, Microsoft® .NET CF 3.5, touch screen, min. 240x320 resolution, portrait, landscape or square orientation, 2.4MB for installation

Check also known compatibility issues before using.