Pet at Hand
pet_at_hand_200x200Pet at Hand for Windows Phone will gather in one place and combine important information concerning your pets. It will help control health, hygiene and expenses.

The program will remind you about your pets' birthdays, vaccinations, medical checks, etc. You will know how much you spend on your little ones. Coloured charts and lists will help you arrange your expenses. You can note down appointments with veterinarians, groomers, telephone numbers, addresses, etc., in a convenient form. Photo and price of feed, as well as link to a store, will provide you with comfort of shopping.
Storage of basic data regarding your pets (name, species, date of birth, chip and passport number, etc.)
Reminders about important event, in advance of customized duration.
Storage of contact details for veterinarians and hair salons, together with their opening hours.
Storage of information about feeds, together with their latest prices, package photo and information on special offers.
Storage of expenses list. Possibility of aggregating expenses in relevant categories, e.g. Feed, Health, Care, and others.
Possibility of viewing charts of expenses for a given period, for selected categories and specific pets.
Statistics for feed consumption – daily, weekly, and monthly cost of feeding your pets, taking into account the current food prices.
User-friendly interface, designed specifically for the Windows Phone platform, utilizing its modern graphic and technological solutions. Delightful, carefully-made graphic elements.
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